As a private English-medium school, Greencoast International Schools commits to provide a challenging, engaging and internationally-minded education in world-class facilities, to guide our students in becoming active citizens in a fast changing world.




Mission Statement

As signified by our school logo, the school aims to prepare our students for life. We aim to found a school where teaching and learning are enjoyable, exciting and enriching to all. We want to create a secure and caring environment where cultural and religious diversity, tolerance and discipline are part and parcel of a hands-on approach to education. It is a fact that new generations of citizens need to be educated with the skills to solve the global environmental problems we face. Greencoast aims to teach our students environmental and health values that will shape their personality for life.


The school aims to provide opportunities to develop learners that are critical, open-minded, creative, self-confident, civic-conscious and scientifically inclined.


The school embodies a holistic approach to a child’s learning and development in accordance with the most important recent research findings. A cornerstone of this philosophy is providing a child with the skills and tools for coping with life’s many challenges in the 21st century. Thus, the school setting is an open, spacious and relaxed atmosphere where children are stretched mentally, socially and physically without losing discipline, respect and care for themselves and others.


School Uniform

Students wear a school uniform that reflects the North coast climate and lifestyle. Wearing a uniform promotes a sense of belonging to the school regardless of race, religion or social background thus promoting respect towards others.

Our uniform consists of :

  • Short sleeved polo shirt
  • Long sleeved polo shirt
  • Sweatshirt
  • Sweat trouser
  • Bermuda shorts
  • Flap skirt ( "skort")
  • P.E. t-shirt
  • Caps
  • Lunch bag
  • Book bag ( as from Year 1 )

 Official school, office and class hours

School building open to students      07:15 – 15:00

School office hours                            07:15 – 15:30

Lessons commence                          08:00 Class hours 08:00 – 14:00

Lunch break                                      11:40 – 12:20


End of school day                             14:00


Arrival / dismissal schedule

The Gate opens at 07:15 and locked again at 08.15. The gate is then controlled by a video entrance system. The Gate opens again at 14.00 for pick up.


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The school’s principal is Ms Sarah Pepper (BEd Hons). She has over 30 years teaching experience across all primary ages and has been in administration of international schools for the past 11 years.


She grew up in England, near London and has lived in Ireland and Barbados recently.


You can contact Sarah by email  principal.primary@greencoast-schools.com or by phone

260 0630


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